My Music Idol

I’m a big fan of music. But just like I wrote before, I don’t have any particular favorite singers and genres. I love all kinds of music, from all artists. Well of course, there are some musicians that I prefer to hear to the others, like Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, BEP, and the likes.

But there’s one singer that has been with me since I was in college. Her songs, which she mostly writes herself, depict myself and what I feel inside. From my insecurity, my perspective towards the world and others, to my love life. Her personal struggles in life, more or less, are similar to  mine.

If you guess it’s Pink, you got that right, people!

Her first song that caught my attention was Most Girls from her first album, Can’t Take Me Home. When hearing the song, I was like, wow, the lyric is sooo me! I even included some part of it in “about me” part in my friendster account back then 😀

But I’m not every girl and I don’t need that world to validate me
Cuz shorty’s got a job, shorty’s got a car, shorty can pay her own rent
Don’t wanna dance if it is not in my heart

MOST GIRLS want a man with the bling bling
Got my own thing, got the ching ching
I just want real love
MOST GIRLS want a man with the mean green
Don’t wanna dance if he can’t be everything that I dream of
A man that understands real love

I always love love love her bad ass image in every clips she makes and also in her real life. She means it when she says/does something. She’s not some fake musicians or celebrities in the TV/tabloids. She proposed to her then-boyfriend, Carey Hart. Their tumultuous marriage ended up well. They went to see marriage consultant and canceled their plan to get divorced. They give good example on the phrase “a marriage is hard work”. My heart melts reading her confession on how to win Carey back after 11 month of being separated. Read it yourself below:

I had made him a photo album of all the cards he had ever given me, of all the photos of our entire relationship … I spent months on this album. On the last page, I pasted a photo of me from a really bad movie I made years ago with my neck slit and blood everywhere. Next to it I wrote, “This is me without you.” On the next page, there was a picture of a baby. And I wrote “‘The rest is unwritten.” The divorce papers that we never signed were behind that page. I was like, “‘The rest is up to you”. And I did all of that wearing his favorite bra and panties.

The last sentence! 😆

pink carey

Oh, she also has great sense of humor. A cynical, sardonic, even harsh, one. You still remember one of her successful songs, Stupid Girls, that makes fun of the real “stupid girls” in the video clip, right? Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are some of the girls she portrays in the clip. Funny, yet rude at the same time, depends on how you see it.

Aside from the controversial clip, the lyrics are strong and soulful. The song promotes woman empowerment, and supports girls to be who they are and reach their dreams and goals. Love it!

Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back
Porno Paparazzi girl, I don’t wanna be a stupid girl
Baby if I act like that, flipping my blond hair back
Push up my bra like that, I don’t wanna be a stupid girl

(Break it down now)
Disease’s growing, it’s epidemic
I’m scared that there ain’t a cure
The world believes it and I’m going crazy
I cannot take any more
I’m so glad that I’ll never fit in
That will never be me
Outcasts and girls with ambition
That’s what I wanna see

Currently, Pink is busy dividing her time between her work and love of music and her family. Especially since her daughter, Willow, was born in June 2011. I can relate to her more now as fellow mommies, just like I wrote in MommiesDaily here.

pink willow

*Aren’t they adorable?*

Anyway, I may relate to her in so many aspects in life. But there’s one thing she does that still fails to inspire me up til now. She loves working out so much, but I don’t. Why Ira, whyyy???


*Pink performs during her “The Truth About Love” tour at Madison Square Garden on Friday March 22, 2013 in New York. Pic’s taken from AP*

Her tummy is sooo flat, only after she gave birth less than two years ago. And don’t forget, she’s still breastfeeding. G.O.S.H!!! *taking a peek at my own bulging tummy*

Btw, I want to end this posting with one of my favorite songs of all time from Pink. It’s an anthem for the underachievers, nerds, underdogs and people who are always wrong in all the right ways. Raise your glass, y’all!

So if you’re too school for cool
And you’re treated like a fool
You could choose to let it go
We can always, we can always party on our own

15 thoughts on “My Music Idol

  1. yg ga nahan pas dia tampil di award apa gitu, nyanyi “Try” sambil nari kaya di SO You Think You Can Dance.”…gile banget

  2. Anjritttt…. Itu kalo workout sampe tandas gitu, bukannya air susu jadi surut ya Ra? Hebring banget deh si Tante Pink. Gue sih emang suka sama si Pink, tapi gak suka warna Pink. *ga nyambung*.

    • Hahaha.. Si Pink ini lucky Le karena meski doyan work out, air susunya masih ada. Etapi dia kayaknya sampe si Willow umur 6 bulan nggak work out samsek deh. Mungkin karena masih ASIX ya. Pas Willow mulai makan, baru tuh dia rajin lari, dll. Makanya eksis berat perutnya euy *super jealous*

    • F*ckin Perfect ya Li maksudlo? Itu videonya bikin hati teriris2 deh, karena tiap ibu terutama yang kecilnya sering di-bully atau kurang dipahami ortu, pasti bisa relate sama story line-nya.

  3. I’m not a big fan of Pink, I just love her songs (and the strong lyrics of course) but I could start to love her ever since I read this post. =)
    She’s one hell of awesome woman. Strong, yet not degrading man. Tough, yet not arrogant.
    I love her “Try” song. really REALLY love it. =)

    • I watched her biography on THS once, including interviews on her BFFs and families. Gosh, she’s truly a sweetheart! And Carey, oh my god, in an interview with Pink’s dad, he said so many great things about him, like this:

      “When Carey wanted to meet me for the first time, he wore long sweater with turtle neck and long pants, and he was very polite. When I asked, ‘why are you wearing that kind of outfit? It’s summer!’, it turned out that he tried to cover his tattoes from my sight. He’s afraid that I wouldn’t approve his relationship with my daughter. And when he wanted to marry Pink, he asked me first ‘Sir, I’d like to ask a permission to marry your daughter.’ before asking her himself. Inside his tattooed body, he’s truly a gentleman.”


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