My Pros & Cons of Being A Preggo

Cons :

  • No smoking
  • No drinking (I miss those lychee martinis!)
  • No clubbing (errr.. Siapa yah Paul van Dyk itu? Sampe lupa *sigh*)
  • No flirting (ya iyalaaahh.. Sapa jg yg mau sama ogutt?? Lagian, abis merit jg kudunya emg gak boleh flirting yah? hihihi..)
  • Be more ‘friendly’ to the toilets, including those smelly-dirty-polluted ones
  • Oily skin on your face and dry skin on the body. Also, please welcome all of women’s nightmares; acnes & stretchmarks!
  • Great news for the small breasted ladies, get bigger assets without surgery. But the contradiction’s applied to me. Asset ikk pan udah geda ya nek. Soo… mine are now HEAVIER!
  • More time to apply makeups (berhubung kulit ancur, muka bengkak + hidung gede, butuh trik2 kucus supaya ttp kliatan ‘mendingan’, since the worrd ‘pretty’ is soooo out of reach)
  • Backpain, waistpain, and other pain2 lah, become my very good friends.
  • Hair losing and dandruff? Yup, those too!
  • With all the fats, the uneven skin, the awful hair condition, etc, confidence is just not something on my plate, friend.

Pros :

  • Shopping? Do as you wish! (pan bisa beralasan, mau beli baju/underwear yg udh gak muat + liat2 keperluan bayi)
  • Able to treat hubby as I want it to be (kata lain: memperlakukan dia dgn semena2. Ngambek kek, manja kek, nangis kek, minta dibeliin apaan kek, it’s all in the house, baby!)
  • Eat like a pig, and noone will say “Lo rakus bgt deh!” Instead, they will complain if you do the opposite. Hmm… Yummy!
  • Get your tummy bloated, and people will say you’re gorgeous.
  • Thousands of excuses are available for not being able to achieve your targets at work, school or home.
  • People will be more lenient to you. And yes, that’s including your in-laws!
  • You have all the rights to get seats on every public transportation, cut a curfew, etc.

Please, don’t take this too seriously. Although, if you do, I think, there are lots of mother-to-be who feels the same way as I do. Anyway, any other things I miss here? Please feel free to add


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